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Every fisherman can find what they are looking for in Minnesota when planning their next fishing vacation. From Opening fishing in mid-May through late fall and ice fishing in the winter, fishing anglers can expect to find outstanding fishing for walleye, northern pike, muskie, crappie, jumbo perch, sunfish, smallmouth bass and largemouth bass. With a variety of fishing like this, men and women of all ages can enjoy the wonderful fishing that Minnesota has to offer!

Minnesota's 13.1 million acres of surface water bring anglers from across the nation. Whether you are searching for a big fish or little fish, your only question should be when and where! Pick from one of MN's 10,000 lakes, pick a river, or even pick a stream, whatever you decide is sure to be a fishing dream! At our Minnesota fishing resorts, you can learn the fishing secrets of the lake while relaxing and enjoying your MN fishing getaway.

It's time to get your fish on!